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You may count on us for roadside help at all times! We are available to assist you seven days a week. Our team will do all possible to ensure that no one is left behind when things go wrong when someone is out driving around town alone, whether it be an emergency or just some guidance on how to handle what is happening in this case.


#1 Roadside Assistance

No matter the issue, we can assist you in getting back behind the wheel. We are available every day, so you won’t have to worry if you get lost in the middle of nowhere at night. Flint Towing Rescue LLC. is always dependable, and we send the rescue team to you as quickly as we can. Knowing that someone are standing by to take your call when you need a tow is reassuring. We’ve been around since 2018, therefore not only do our employees get top-notch care, but also any client who gives us their irreplaceable car. Every day of the year, no matter what kind of assistance your vehicle requires, we are here to help (even holidays).

Our Services



Light-duty towing is our area of competence. Our area of expertise is disaster recovery! We take satisfaction in every task we perform, whether it involves raising a car out of the snow in a driveway on a private property or using air cushions to safely raise huge truck loads.



We've got your back. If you need to tow your RV or motorhome, come see us. Don't wait any longer—dial our number right away! To properly execute these jobs, we offer the newest and best equipment. Additionally, we offer a round-the-clock service that is constantly accessible.


The crucial task of heavy-duty towing necessitates considerable attention. Because our personnel always shows up on time and is prepared with the most recent maintenance records, you can rely on us to be there for you if anything goes wrong during shipment or repair services.


Look no further than our staff at Flint Towing Rescue LLC. if you require a dependable gas delivery service. When you need gas, you can depend on us to deliver it. You can be sure that your gas will be delivered safely and on time thanks to our drivers' efficiency and speed. Request a quote from us right away.


We are aware of how critical it is to resume driving as soon as is practical. To ensure that your tire replacements are completed correctly and at a time that works for you, use our Tire Change service. Don't hold off – call us right away. We're here when other services aren't.


When you call roadside assistance, we'll take care of getting started without any fuss for both parties, making it more simpler and safer to jump your car! So that everything runs smoothly from beginning to end, don't think twice and provide us the phone number right away.

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We provide around-the-clock roadside assistance since we are aware that accidents can happen at any time. Our professional team is here for you if you ever need help while driving. You can be sure that someone can assist you if you ever find yourself stranded with a broken-down car in the middle of nowhere. In order to provide each customer with the level of service they deserve, we provide a wide choice of options. Flint Towing Rescue LLC. values your time and treats your car very well. You may rely on us to deliver your car promptly to its destination.


What Our Clients Say

We’re always looking for ways to improve our service and make things easier on our clients. We prioritize our clients’ feedback to make sure that we are upgrading everything we have in order to reach their satisfaction and to ensure their safety while doing any towing and roadside services.

"The whole time, Flint Towing Rescue LLC. was really kind and professional. They did the job efficiently and affordably. Excellent business. Both recommending and use it again.""
Ewan Campbell
"Drivers are quick and dependable, and the tow truck driver is always on time and has a laid-back disposition. I'll keep utilizing and advising this business."
Harrison Williams
"Arranged for a tow later today by calling this morning. David was on time and handled everything efficiently and competently. I'll use it and suggest Flint Towing Rescue LLC. to others."
David Harrison
"The Flint Towing Rescue LLC. Within 15 minutes, the driver (in snow) arrived after the prompt response. He was incredibly prompt and nice! I encourage EVERYONE to try these out! Furthermore, it is very inexpensive."
Martha Elliott

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Our team is accessible every single hour, every day of the week. Whatever the issue seems to be, we’ll immediately fix it, so don’t hesitate to call us at any time.

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